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Elon Musk’s 25-Year Connection with “X”: CBS Unravels Twitter’s Logo Change

Elon Musks 25 Year Connection with X CBS Unravels Twitters Logo Change

Elon Musk’s 25-Year Connection with “X”: CBS Unravels Twitter’s Logo Change

A wave of controversy swept across social media following Elon Musk’s decision to change Twitter’s iconic blue bird, which served as the platform’s trademark for 17 years, into an “X,” as part of the ongoing transformation of the platform.

Linda Yacarino, the platform’s CEO, stated, “X represents the future state of limitless interaction – centered around voice, video, messages, and payments/banking services – creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities, all backed by artificial intelligence. X will connect us all in ways we’ve just begun to imagine.”

However, CBS uncovered another side of the “X” launch on the platform, revealing that Elon Musk has had a long history with this letter for 25 years, starting from his first online projects to even naming his son with the letter “X.”

One of Musk’s initial projects related to the letter “X” was the website “,” which he launched in 1999 as an online financial and banking platform. However, after a year, he was forced to step down as CEO of the company.

After three years, Musk reaped profits by merging “” with PayPal, and later sold the platform in 2017. Additionally, he founded “SpaceX” for space research in 2002 and “Tesla,” the electric car producer, which introduced the luxury car “Model X” in 2016.

The connection even extended to naming his son in 2020 as “X Æ A-Xii,” later abbreviated to “X.”

The letter “X” is known as a symbol for the unknown in mathematics, and Musk’s fascination with exploring the unknown is evident in his endeavors, such as his passion for Mars exploration and the brain chip project for implantation.

“X” has played a significant role in Elon Musk’s life.

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