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Ferrari SP-8 debuts as one-off, roofless supercar derived from the F8 Spider

The Ferrari SP-8 represents what you can do when money is no object and Ferrari doesn’t already produce the exact vehicle you desire. It’s a one-off using the F8 Spider as a donor car, but the SP-8 features a number of unique design features that make it look a good deal different from the F8.

For starters, there’s no roof whatsoever. The buyer, who hails from Taiwan, decided that the SP-8 would not have a soft or a hard top. This required putting the vehicle through wind tunnel testing to ensure its new shape would be both aerodynamically efficient and not cause turbulence within the cabin at speed. The chassis and powertrain are both inherited from the F8, but look into the details for what’s new.

The front grille is a 3-D-printed bespoke piece made from aluminum done in a vertical strake theme. You’ll notice the spacing of the strakes increases as you get to the sides so as to allow more air into the front radiators. The front headlights have unique masks and lenses, and the rear lights follow suit, looking similar to the Roma’s lenses. The exhaust tips are done in a similar style as the 296 GTB, while the wheels are totally bespoke and meant to remind of the rims found on the Ferrari F40.

Ferrari SP-8

Stepping back, you’ll notice the car is largely two-tone with two distinct sections. The dark section is unpainted carbon fiber that wraps from nose to tail, while Matte Argento Micallizato (a paint color developed specifically for this car) covers the rest of the bodywork. The interior is done in Navy Blue Alcantara, and this is accented with bright yellow throughout. Instead of the F8’s shifter that it came with from the factory, the owner asked Ferrari to fit the new F1-style gearbox commands that debuted on the SF90, requiring a new center console.

If you feel like checking out the SP-8 in person before it goes to its new owner in Taiwan, it will be displayed at both the Finali Mondiali Ferrari 2023 (at the Mugello Circuit) and at the Ferrari Museum from November 16 until March 2024.

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