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7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own Cup Day Is Back And You Can Fill Any Container With Slurpee For Just $2

It’s once again that wacky time of year when people head to their local 7-Eleven armed with buckets, vases, and more to take part in Bring Your Own Cup Day. Each year, the convenience store quite literally opens up the floodgates and offers customers the chance to fill up the container of their choice with as much Slurpee as they can for just $1.99.

This year, Bring Your Own Cup Day is Saturday, April 13, at 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes locations. Not only is 7-Eleven prepared for fans to bring their most unusual, off-the-wall “cups,” they welcome it! The store encourages customers to bring fish bowls, milk cartons, and even motorcycle helmets! Regardless of what container you choose, 7-Eleven revealed that they love to see the creativity.

“BYOC Day is a time-honored tradition at 7-Eleven that we look forward to each year,” said Dennis Phelps, a senior vice president at 7-Eleven, in a statement. “We love seeing our customers—of all ages—bring their imagination and creativity to life while enjoying our beloved Slurpee drink.”

Although 7-Eleven welcomes creativity, there is a bit of protocol to follow if you plan on taking part in Bring Your Own Cup Day. The rules are as follows: Your cup must be clean, watertight, leak-proof, and fit upright within the 10-inch hole in the in-store display (in other words, it needs to fit under the Slurpee drink dispenser). Happy BYOC Day!

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