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A Vintage Copper Finish Covers These TaylorMade Irons

Out of all the OEMs out there, few golf brands are able to tap into their heritage quite like TaylorMade. A lot of that can be attributed to the fact that the brand has one of the all time great vintage logos, symbolizing a time when the game wasn’t all about distance, technology and statistics. With its vintage styling and sleek design, the TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver Copper has proven to be a hit with consumers, and now the Carlsbad-based company has given the same nostalgia-doused treatment to two of its most successful iron models.

Joining up with the previously released BRNR Mini Driver Copper to form the “Copper Club,” the show stopping element is an aged copper finish that’s formulated to age gracefully with the passage of time. The 1980s era TM logo appears on the toe of each iron, while Golf Pride TaylorMade Victory Copper grips – another reference to the past – maintain the throwback theme.

“As club designers, we wanted to have fun with the P·Series and harken back to TaylorMade’s heritage,” said the brand’s director of product creation on the release. “We want to elevate the perception of our brand when it comes to craftsmanship and these irons have the feel of being both vintage and having that high-end craftsmanship.”

Golfers will choose between the P·770 and P·790 sets based on their preference for forgiveness versus workability. The P·770 irons are TaylorMade’s player performance set, offering a classic look at address with enough forgiveness to assist on mishits due to its forged hollow body construction. The P·790s, on the other hand, are better suited to players seeking to maximize height and distance.

Both sets are priced at $1500 USD and can be purchased at retail locations and TaylorMade’s website now.

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