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A Walmart location is replacing self-checkout lanes with staffed checkout aisles

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV/Gray News) – A Walmart near St. Louis is ditching self-checkout lanes.

This weekend, the Walmart store in Shrewsberry, Missouri, began removing self-checkout lanes.

Walmart said the move is to help improve the store’s shopping experience.

The self-checkout lanes will be replaced with staffed checkouts.

The changeover at this store is expected to take around two weeks to complete.

Some of the biggest retailers have recently been reevaluating their self-checkout lanes, including Walmart.

In March, Target stores nationwide began limiting self-checkout lanes to 10 items or less. To accommodate customers shopping for larger hauls, Target said it is staffing more traditional checkout lanes with human cashiers.

Also last month, Dollar General said it was removing self-checkouts from 300 stores that have the highest levels of shoplifting, according to CNN. In other Dollar General stores, self-checkouts will be limited to customers with five items or fewer.

Retailers said self-checkout lanes make theft easier since no employee is ringing up the items people buy, according to Fast Company.

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