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Bring Your Own Cup Day is this weekend

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This Saturday, you can get the Slurpee of your dreams and experience the biggest brain freeze of your life. “Bring Your Own Cup Day” is back.

For one day only, customers can bring in any container that fits under the Slurpee nozzle and fill it up for $1.99. And when they say “any container,” they mean it.

Containers can be anything — the release mentions motorcycle helmets, fish bowls and milk cartons — that meets a few sensible restrictions. The offer is good for Saturday, April 13 only, one per customer.

“BYOC Day is a time-honored tradition at 7-Eleven that we look forward to each year,” Dennis Phelps, a senior vice president of merchandising at 7-Eleven, said in a release. “We love seeing our customers – of all ages – bring their imagination and creativity to life while enjoying our beloved Slurpee drink.”

What is a Slurpee?

Slurpees are what 7-Eleven is known for (and what the “slushies” at “The Simpson’s” Quik-E-Mart are making fun of). They’re sweet frozen carbonated soft drinks with very wide straws in a variety of flavors.

Slurpees were invented in the 1950s, according to the 7-Eleven website, when the soda fountain at Omar Knedliks’ restaurant broke down. He threw some soda pop in the freezer instead and it turned into a frozen soda beverage. As the story goes, he built a basic frozen drink machine with parts from an automobile air conditioner and dispensed his way into pop culture icon history.

You can get classic flavors like Coca-Cola, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada or try the new limited-time flavors like Chili Mango and Fanta Dragonfruit Zero. Or you can just mix whatever flavors you like until you run out of room.

What cups can I use on 7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own Cup Day?

That’s up to you. 7-Eleven is basically daring you to be creative and tag the resulting selfie with #BYOCupDay.

There are some restrictions. The cup must:

  • Be clean
  • Be watertight and leak-proof
  • Fit upright inside the 10-inch hole in the in-store display to prove it can fit under the Slurpee drink dispenser

Limit one cup per person, available while supplies last.

What if I just want a regular Slurpee?

No problem!

“Those who prefer the classic cups can still get their slurp on!” the release said. 7Rewards members can buy large Slurpee for just $1.

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