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Chelsea could set all time English football record if they repeat their recent run against Everton

In their preview of Chelsea’s game against Everton, BBC Sport have noted that the Blues could set a pretty wild record if the scoreline goes a certain way.

Across all competitions, Chelsea are currently on an astonishing run. They have both scored and conceded at least 2 goals in the last 7 games. The BBC say that in English top flight football history, no team has ever managed 8 in a row.

The total defensive collapse we’ve seen in the last couple of months was quite unexpected, and we saw Thiago Silva come back into the lineup in our last game to try and fix things, without any success. Our game against Everton on Monday night will have a lot of eyes on it, and we need to produce a better showing at the back.

How to get out of defensive nightmare

Maybe we’re being too hopeful, but this seems like a great game to break the streak. Everton are not much good at scoring, but they’re decent defensively. That should help on both counts. It’s also an away game, which should mean we play a little deeper and a little tighter than the cluster of games at Stamford Bridge recently, where we’ve successfully got on the front foot and scored goals, but left ourselves open at the back, hence this astonishing run of scorelines.

It would be just typical for this to be a 0-0 now – and given the frustration of our recent draws against bad teams, that would be another major black mark against Mauricio Pochettino’s name in this crucial run of games which his future is being judged on.

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