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Datafy raises $6 million Seed round led by Insight Partners to optimize cloud storage

Datafy, which has developed a cloud storage management platform, announced on Wednesday the completion of a $6 million Seed funding round led by global software investor Insight Partners.

The cloud storage sector is experiencing rapid growth, driven by an exponential increase in data generation due to the growth in AI adoption and the general widespread adoption of cloud technologies. The global cloud storage market is projected to grow from $132 billion in 2024 to $665 billion by 2032. Datafy offers up to 50% savings on storage costs and provides a self-optimizing, developer-independent solution.

Datafy’s flagship product, focusing on EBS (Elastic Block Store) on the AWS cloud, simplifies cloud storage management by auto-scaling data storage usage to ensure optimum management at a minimal cost.

Datafy was founded by Zivan Ori (CEO), Yoav Ilovich (CPO), and Ziv Serlin (COO). Ori and Serlin previously founded E8 Storage, which was sold to Amazon in 2019. After the acquisition, the two led a development group in the field of cloud storage at Amazon’s R&D center in Israel. Ilovich, a graduate of the IDF’s Talpiot unit where he also met Ori, has led product teams for more than 15 years, including VP Product positions at Taboola and at Pagaya.

“Our mission is clear – to give Finops and Devops teams the control they deserve with no effort or big changes to the system,” said Ori. “With Datafy, we’re not just saving money; we’re transforming how businesses manage their data in the cloud. Today’s funding news is the next step in our journey as we continue to grow.”

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