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Don’t pull over to watch the eclipse

(WFSB) – The Connecticut Department of Transportation issued a warning to drivers ahead of Monday’s solar eclipse.

It urged the public to plan ahead and take precautions for safe travel and observation of the event.

“Don’t have an eclipse in judgement,” the DOT said. “Don’t try to view the eclipse while driving or from the side of the highway.”

The path of total eclipse will be narrow and visible in certain parts of northern New England, but traffic delays may occur as a result of motorists traveling to northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, the DOT said.

The National Weather Service said the eclipse is expected to be visible in Connecticut with approximately 92 to 94 percent sun coverage, but it will not have the full impact as states further north.

“We encourage people seeking to enjoy this rare astrological phenomenon to plan ahead and take precautions, so everyone remains safe,” said Paul Rizzo, CT DOT bureau chief of highway operations. “Do not try to view the eclipse while you’re driving. Keep your focus on the road at all times. The side of any roadway or highway is not a safe place to witness the eclipse, so plan ahead to reach a safe viewing spot on Monday.”

Drivers can check Channel 3′s First Alert Traffic Map here to keep tabs on any highway congestion.

More information, including the timeline for the eclipse, gatherings, and where to find limited glasses, can be found here.

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