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“F**k LSU” “Go Iowa” – College hoops fans have blunt reactions to Kim Mulkey’s crew leaving the court before the American national anthem

Kim Mulkey and the LSU Tigers are facing the Iowa Hawkeyes in a highly-anticipated Elite Eight matchup that will serve as a rematch of last year’s national title game. The Tigers faced backlash on social media for reportedly leaving the court before the American national anthem.

Dan Zaksheske of OutKick shared footage of the Hawkeyes holding hands during the anthem, captioning the post:

“Iowa players holding hands during the American National Anthem. LSU players left the court before the anthem was performed.”

Check out the footage of the Iowa Hawkeyes below:

The post drew plenty of blunt reactions from fans. @TheRealBigBen0 shared their anger with the Tigers:

“F**k lsu”

@jones_jerod predicted a blowout for the Hawkeyes:

“I change my mind. Iowa by a million”

@midmajorball labeled the situation as embarrassing:

@DaveFanBlitz noted that the Tigers are never on the court during the national anthem:

“First LSU game? They’re never on the court during the national anthem.”

@AngryBaylorFan expanded on that:

“Remain in locker room has been policy for years. Iowa chose to come out early”

@edk_dfs claimed the Tigers should be disqualified:

“LSU led the court……they should be disqualified from the tournament.”

@BravoMom61761 noted that it is a coaching decision from Kim Mulkey:

“That’s a coaching decision – don’t put that on the girls”

@WadePotter19 claimed the SEC office will hear about it:

“Wow the SEC office is going to hear about this”

@Lewyville62 pointed out that it is standard practice in college:

“Pretty standard in a lot of sports for the teams to leave the field for the anthem. Namely every college football team. Some basketball teams will stay on the court, but usually come out later.”

@M12554904 claimed they were rooting for Kim Mulkey’s squad:

“Yessir now I’m cheering for lsu for sure ❤️”

Kim Mulkey receives praise from Flau’jae Johnson

Flau’jae Johnson has played a vital role in the LSU Tigers’ success over the past two seasons. Speaking to People Magazine, the 2023 SEC Freshman of the Year praised coach Kim Mulkey, stating:

“Man, I’ve got a great relationship with Coach Mulkey. I love playing under Mulkey. She keeps it real, gives us support, and I just learn so much from her just as a player. [She is] a coach that’s going to be honest with you… She just teaches me so much. She’s an OG in this thing, so she knows a lot.”

Johnson has had a strong sophomore campaign for the Tigers. She entered Monday’s Elite Eight matchup averaging 14.7 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 2.1 steals and 1.0 blocks per game while shooting 50.1% from the field, 39.5% from three-point range and 76.6% from the free-throw line.

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