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Haney’s Weight Cut: A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Devin Haney looked terrible on Thursday at the final press conference for his fight against Ryan Garcia on DAZN PPV. There’s no hiding the fact that the WBC light welterweight champion’s weight cut is brutalizing him, trying to get down to 140.

That 170+ to 140 cut (if those rumors are true) is a recipe for body breakdown. Devin is just begging for trouble taking off that kind of weight. The worry here is for his long-term health.

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Haney looked really drained, wearing a jacket and sunglasses in what appeared to be a strategy to disguise how his weight loss. It didn’t fool anybody.

Devin’s eyes looked sunken in from fluid loss, and it was obvious that he is going through torture to get down to 140.

Sunglasses on the Scale: My Bold Prediction

I wouldn’t be surprised if Haney wears sunglasses at the weigh-in, even on the scale, to hide how sunken his eye sockets are. I’m predicting that right now.

The way Haney looks, he’s going to have to move up to welterweight soon because he’s taking a lot out of himself, draining down from what some believe is 170+ to get down to 140 to fight much longer, guys.

When Haney moves up to welterweight, Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis going to be waiting for him, and there’s no way he can avoid that guy without looking like a scaredy cat. if Haney stays at 140, Subriel Matias is his only real option because he’s not going to be able to negotiate a fight with Teofimo Lopez.

That guy will want $20 million at the very least, and his promoters at Top Rank likely won’t make it easy on Haney without him signing with them for a couple of fights.

Ryan Garcia: The Lurking Threat

Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) might pull off the upset and sink Haney’s ship before he even gets to a match against Boots Ennis, Matias, and Teofimo. Haney may have drained himself one time too many to where it’s finally caught up to him.

Garcia looked kind of wolfish during Thursday’s press conference, watching how drained Haney was, and ready to pounce on his prey.

Nature has a way of evening things out for weight bullies. Haney is an extreme example of a guy competing out of his natural weight class by training down 25+ lbs from 165 to 140. I wouldn’t be surprised if it catches up to him against Ryan, and he is battered and beaten due to him being too weak from weight loss.

YouTube videoYouTube video

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