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Houston Texans’ 2024 Jerseys Apparently Leak

As you may recall, we’ve already seen the Texans’ new white jersey and navy pants, and they’re scheduled to unveil the rest of their new uni set next Tuesday evening. But a new leak purportedly shows all four jerseys. Take a look:


Do I know for sure whether these are legit? No. But the white one matches the official release that we’ve already seen, and the navy one’s “H-Town” on the chest (which also includes the Fanatics logo in the photo) matches the color scheme of yesterday’s purported helmet leak, which had “H-Town” on the neck bumper:

Screenshot 2024 04 18 at 1.14.56 PMScreenshot 2024 04 18 at 1.14.56 PM

Speaking of: After that helmet leak began circulating yesterday, the Texans seemed to confirm its legitimacy last night by tweeting a photo of team owner Cal McNair wearing a hat with the same “H” logo shown on the helmet. McNair’s dog was even wearing the “H”:

So we know the helmet is legit, and the helmet matches up with one of the leaked jerseys.

As usual, none of this proves anything, but it seems to suggest that these leaked designs are probably the real deal. If anyone knows more, you know what to do. Anonymity assured, of course.

Update: I have a source who told me a week ago that he had seen the Texans’ new set. He now says this leak is what he saw.

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