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IShowSpeed confronted by Manchester City fans live on stream: Don’t cheer for Real Madrid here!

Many times we have talked about the absolute madness that IShowSpeed usually stars in. The streamer is always able to make his live streams entertaining, no matter what he does, and in this case it was not going to be different, and more going to see the Manchester City-Real Madrid of the Champions League quarterfinals.

However, he had a problem. He was situated in a stand with City fans, but went to cheer on Real Madrid. This led him to have a confrontation with a supporter of the home team after Rodrygo Goes’ goal.

IShowSpeed, forced to shut down his live show by a City fan

Speed‘s position in the stands was not the best for his purpose. Surrounded by Manchester City fans, celebrating in favor of Real Madrid was not going to be so calm and easy for him. And he experienced it from the 12th minute of the match, when Rodrygo scored the first goal.

Speed was jumping and celebrating, until a fan yelled at him to sit down and not celebrate. Speed couldn’t believe it, but he turned around and saw that he was surrounded by cityzens of fans, and decided to listen. And right after that he was warned that he could not cheer for Real Madrid there.

Speed, with his usual cheekiness, started shouting as if he was cheering for City, and then the sky blues fan questioned him again, seeing that he was live. His intention was for him to close the stream, and he told Speed that he couldn’t go on with it. The streamer, seeing that the situation was getting complicated, and despite saying several times that he did not want to close it, decided to give up and cut the stream.

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