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Jason Sudeikis Gifts Vintage UConn Jacket to WNBA Legends, Makes Them Fight For It | Video

“Ted Lasso” star Jason Sudeikis joined WNBA superstars Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi as a guest on “The Bird & Taurasi Show” at Saturday night’s record-breaking Iowa vs. UConn women’s basketball game. Sudeikis, and avowed Caitlin Clark and Iowa fan, brought a prize: a vintage UConn starter jacket he bought online, which both women immediately fawned over.

The problem, of course, is that Sudeikis only brought one jacket—so Bird and Taurasi, both UConn alumni and former teammates at the school, had to battle for it. The duo set up a game that involved bouncing a basketball from their seats into a red Yeti bucket.

Bird and Taurasi were both thrilled by the jacket, which they described as “quality” and “legit.” Their basketball bouncing skills initially left much to be desired, as they both struggled to advance the ball to the bucket. The pair were also distracted by the game, which was in its second quarter.

By their third round it seemed they both had the hang of it, and Taurasi came out of the game as the winner. After celebrating, Sudeikis said, “It’s that easy, folks,” as the Mercury guard insisted on donning the jacket.

“She did say she was cold earlier,” Bird explained as Taurasi pulled on the jacket and added, “This is amazing.” The trio brought to mind the “most popular” starter jacket, the Charlotte Hornets teal design that was popular in the 1990s.

As Bird helped Taurasi pulled the jacket over her hair, Sudeikis asked, “What if the bun just popped off?” Taurasi exclaimed, “No one has ever talked about my bun like that!”

Bird and Taurasi’s show offers an alternative to traditional commentating and airs on ESPN2. In addition to inviting on guests (including Bird’s wife, the incredibly talented soccer player Megan Rapinoe), the pair also answer fan questions from Twitter and offer insight into the game.

Watch the segment with Sudeikis, Bird, and Taurasi in the video above.


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