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Jet Airways ex-CEO designate counters Anand Mahindra’s ‘Nope, not Mumbai’ post on Dubai flood video | Trending

Anand Mahindra’s recent post on Dubai flood has drawn criticism from netizens, including Jet Airways ex-CEO designate Sanjiv Kapoor. The Indian business tycoon compared Dubai’s situation with Mumbai, and Kapoor termed it an “incorrect analogy”.

The image, taken from a video shared by Anand Mahindra, shows waterlogged roads in Dubai. (X/@chatwithcharles)
The image, taken from a video shared by Anand Mahindra, shows waterlogged roads in Dubai. (X/@chatwithcharles)

“Nope. Not Mumbai. Dubai,” Anand Mahindra wrote as he posted a video that shows waterlogged roads in Dubai.

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Retweeting the post, Kapoor wrote, “Incorrect analogy. Dubai was not built for such heavy rains – rains that would flood most cities. A better analogy would be if it suddenly snowed heavily in Bombay, which was obviously not built to handle snow at all. Would people in snowy Oslo mock Bombay?”

However, in a later tweet, he added, “Ok, upon re-reading the post, maybe it is not mocking Dubai. However, the point remains that Dubai was not built for heavy rains, no matter what the source of the rain (seeding, etc.). It would be impractical to build cities to handle any extreme weather scenario, however unlikely.”

Take a look at the tweets here:

Shared a day ago, the post has accumulated close to one million views – and the numbers are only increasing. The share has further collected tons of comments from people.

What did other X users say about Anand Mahindra’s post on Dubai rain?

“Definitely Dubai vibes! The clean water, the organized help, and those massive cars!” wrote an X user.

“But sir, this happens more in Mumbai than in Dubai,” added another.

“Yes, Anand, but Mumbai has not been built on a desert. What’s happening in this part of the world is unexpected. Mumbai was built around climatic conditions, of which monsoons were a part. Hence, we could do without the sarcasm in the comparison!” joined a third.

“But the difference is yesterday, there was flooding and waterlogging everywhere in UAE, including Abu Dhabi. This morning, life is back to normal in Abu Dhabi. 95% dried up, and roads are clear, sunny too,” tweeted a fourth.

“And rain doesn’t care whether it’s Mumbai or Dubai,” expressed a fifth.

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