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LEGO pokes fun at itself for April Fool’s Day 2024

The LEGO Group’s annual April Fool’s Day gag for 2024 proves the company is still willing to poke fun at itself with a new range of ‘supersized LEGO sets’.

Previous LEGO April Fool’s Day jokes have included a fake ‘doge’ horse set and a supersized minifigure, dubbed a Maxifigure, that was billed as the ideal road trip buddy, personal trainer and temporary work colleague. This year’s gag leans into larger-than-life territory again with a supposed range of supersized LEGO sets, starting with 75553 Supersized Tim, a 102,213-piece LEGO Despicable Me 4 set.

While this isn’t necessarily the most imaginative prank – big LEGO models like these already exist as store displays – it’s the self-awareness in the press release that really lands. “These commanding display pieces will take weeks to complete and take up more space in your home than is practical, but they will be HUGE talking points when guests come round,” reads the official copy, which for all intents and purposes could just as easily be talking about 10307 Eiffel Tower or 10294 Titanic.

Those sets already sit on the line of what most regular people would call ‘supersized’ without needing to balloon to more than 100,000 pieces, and more importantly already take up more space in your home than many people would consider practical.


Given the LEGO Group’s CEO Niels B. Christiansen has recently confirmed that shoppers are gravitating towards smaller sets, this gag could easily be interpreted as a self-aware nod to the outlandish (and often impractical) size of LEGO sets in recent years.

And while you won’t be able to actually buy and build 75553 Supersized Tim (or his 8.947-page instruction manual), the landing page for the set does feature a countdown to ‘a big reveal’, which will take place at 8am BST on April 3. Keep an eye on Brick Fanatics for more on that as we get it, but with one eye on the subject matter of this April Fool’s gag, something related to Minions or Despicable Me 4 feels like a safe bet.

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