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New ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Event Is Live With Big Bonfires To Light

Earlier today a new Escape From Tarkov patch launched and added a brand new in-game event, seemingly called Maslenitsa, that requires players to light up bonfires in order to earn rewards.

The new event seems to be available to everyone in Tarkov, with the new Spring Never Changes and Evil Spirits quests being unlocked when you boot up the game following the patch.

The event has also seen snow return to Tarkov after being removed a few weeks ago. While this feels like a strange choice given it was only just taken away, the teaser video for the event shows that snow is a key part of the lore and will likely be removed once the event is over.

How To Complete The Spring Never Changes Quest

The Spring Never Changes quest asks you to burn down the bonfires that have appeared across multiple maps, with a target of 1,000,000 bonfires to be burnt. Of course, this number isn’t just for you, with a counter showing on the event website detailing how many bonfires have been burnt globally.

The bonfires are pretty hard to miss, being massive structures that are significantly taller than your player. To light them up it seems you need to shoot them with tracer rounds from close range, which should add one to the total count of bonfires burnt. However, early tests suggest that the bonfires are not always in the same place on each map, so it may take a while to find after you spawn into a raid.

How To Complete The Evil Spirits Quest

The Evil Spirits quest asks you to locate the effigy of Morana on any map and kill a follower of Morana. It seems that the followers of Morana are guards that appear around the bonfire and will swarm you after lighting the bonfire, so as soon as you light one up and take down one of the guards you should be able to turn in the quest. To light the bonfires you will need to shoot them with tracer rounds from close range. Once you complete the quest, the Granny’s Tales quest will unlock.

How To Complete The Granny’s Tales Quest

After completing the Evil Spirits quest, Prapor will give you the Granny’s Tales quest, which is very similar. To complete this quest you will need to kill 50 followers of Morana, which can be done by shooting the bonfires with tracer rounds from 10-20 meters away and then taking down the followers that spawn. But be warned, these followers can be lethal so you might way to run away from the bonfire as soon as you light it to find cover.

If previous events are anything to go by then, once the Spring Never Changes quest is completed by the community a new section of the event will be unlocked, and this could possibly make the event last for weeks. There is currently no word on what the next stage of the event will be, but you can expect the detectives in the Tarkov community to figure it out pretty quickly.

Other than the addition of the event, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of changes with no patch notes being released. However, a brand new mid-wipe event is never a bad thing and is certainly giving me a reason to jump back into Tarkov for the first time in weeks.

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