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‘No Hyderabadi Players, No IPL 2024 Matches @ Uppal’


It is known that SunRisers Hyderabad area facing the defending IPL champions Chennai Super Kings in what promises to be an enthralling encounter today. The game will be commencing at 7:30 PM today and the stakes are high on this game.

Coming to the topic, Telangana politician and MLA Danam Nagender have commented that he will obstruct the IPL matches at Uppal Stadium if one specific condition is not met.

“Hyderabad IPL team is named after Hyderabad just for namesake. This team doesn’t have a single Hyderabadi player. We are not going to tolerate it anymore. In the coming season, if there is no Hyderabadi player in the SRH team, we won’t let them play the games at the Uppal Stadium. I myself will go and sit outside the stadium, blocking the procession” Danam Nagender said.

The MLA had only recently moved from BRS to Congress and he has now warned the SRH management and HCA that he would obstruct the games in Uppal Stadium if the mentioned condition isn’t met.

For a while now, there has been a complaint about the SRH team not harboring Hyderabadi players and the same has been addressed by Danam now, with a severe warning.

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