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Propane’s Role in Texas’ Environmental Evolution

Propane Council of Texas Highlights Propane on Earth Day

AUSTIN, Texas, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Propane offers a compelling choice for Texans seeking to reduce their environmental impact while ensuring reliable energy. This Earth Day, the Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) highlights propane’s green attributes as a cleaner-burning fuel source.

Compared to electricity generated from the U.S. grid, propane boasts significantly lower emissions. Data from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) shows a 52% reduction in greenhouse gases when using propane compared to the electric grid. This advantage stems from the cleaner-burning nature of propane itself, but also the inefficiencies inherent in electricity generation and transmission.

“Propane is a domestic fuel source, readily available across Texas,” explains Bill Van Hoy, spokesperson for the Propane Council of Texas. “Unlike electricity, which loses energy during transmission, propane delivers its full potential directly to the point of use.”

Propane’s environmental benefits extend beyond its combustion. Unlike some fuels, leaked propane dissipates quickly, minimizing the risk of groundwater contamination.

From powering homes with reliable heating and cooking appliances to keeping our schools running smoothly with clean-burning school buses, propane plays a vital role in Texas communities. Farms utilize propane for efficient equipment operation, and commercial lawn equipment powered by propane helps maintain parks and public spaces with reduced emissions.

Additionally, advancements in renewable propane production are underway, utilizing plant-based materials to create a carbon-neutral fuel source.

“The future of propane is bright,” says Bill Van Hoy. “Renewable propane production holds immense promise for further reducing our environmental footprint.”

As Texans look for ways to live more sustainably, propane offers a viable option. Its clean-burning nature, efficient delivery system, and potential for renewable production make it a responsible choice for Earth Day and beyond.

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About the Council. The Propane Council of Texas is a non-profit educational & marketing foundation dedicated to educating the public and communities on propane.

SOURCE Propane Council of Texas


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