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Reviewing Paige Bueckers’s old Cleveland Cavaliers tweets

UConn women’s basketball phenom Paige Bueckers joined Twitter in June 2016 for seemingly one reason: to talk Cleveland Cavaliers basketball. She certainly made the most of that.

Kyrie Irving is still Bueckers’ favorite player according to her profile on Team USA’s Olympic page. Judging by her tweets, this has been the case for a while.

And as anyone who was defending Irving’s legacy in the mid-2010s, you had to call into question the credentials of his contemporaries.

And what Cavs fan in 2017 didn’t get out over their skis every now and then?

Irving may have been Bueckers’s gateway to the Cavs, but she was a fan nonetheless. She had fun with the Christmas win over the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

She was also there to celebrate the Cavs’ second-half comeback over the Indiana Pacers in Game 3 of the first round in 2017 led by LeBron James.

And the dismantling of the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals

The Finals didn’t go as planned that year. But she had the utmost confidence in the Cavs even if Golden State had Kevin Durant this time around.

And she went through the natural progression all Cavs fans did during that series.

Naturally, Bueckers didn’t take the news that Irving requested a trade out of Cleveland very well.

And she didn’t seem thrilled when the trade to Boston was first announced.

She rebounded by jumping on the Dwyane Wade bandwagon.

She was understandably shocked by the Koby Altman’s deals at the 2018 deadline that year that sent out six players and brought in four others. Unfortunately, she didn’t share her complete thoughts on how she thought Rodney Hood would fit next to James.

Bueckers never lost faith in James during the playoff run despite the lack of help he had.

Bueckers seemed to have fallen off the bandwagon after James left for the Los Angeles Lakers. She hasn’t tweeted about the Cavs since then so we don’t have her takes on the Collin Sexton wars or whether the two-big lineup can work in the playoffs.

Bueckers will be coming to Cleveland next weekend for the Final Four. She is looking to win her first NCAA championship and will be taking on Kaitlyn Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes on Friday night.

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