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The Cubs Could Learn Something From This NPB Manager Who Had The Most Iconic Introduction You Will Ever See

All sports should do this because it was so fucking funny and also awesome at the same exact time. I want you to watch that video again, especially baseball who has a long season this type of shit should happen because most of the sport is boring. One of the top tier teams in the league the Chicago Cubs did introductions for their new manager and team like this. 

They almost fucking killed Craig Counsell or at the very least blinded him with that dog shit sparkler machine. I went to Sweet 16s that had 10x better introductions than this and this is at Wrigley Field one of the most iconic stadiums in baseball. They got their blue carpet that the grounds crew seemingly stole from a Walmart and just rolled it out for the fellas. The NPB manager had music cues, the crowd going nuts, and FLOATING SHARKS in the crowd. It was fucking awesome.

Listen, the Cubs would be taking a risk by doing this because if you suck after a spectacle like that, it’s going to become a meme. But the Cubs are going to be good this year so why not try it? Every team should at least think about it. Lets have a little fun in sports now because baseball is so boring in the beginning of the season. 

We were just talking about this on Picks Central about how there are just no rivalries in sports anymore. No one player vs another player fueled by hate and it sucks. So lets take something from the NPB and maybe have some fun that could grow into hate for a team because they doing such a wild intro. I can tell you this. If a team did what they Shinjo’s team did in that video, it would be must watch every year. 

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