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Warm Suncoast Eclipse Day

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – High temps climb into the 80s to start the week. That takes us up toward 84° at the peak of the eclipse, which is 2:59 PM. A few high clouds will move overhead, but nothing thick enough to block our view. Make sure to NOT look directly at the eclipse at any time. You can look under trees, where you will see many images of the eclipse. This is called the “pinhole effect” where small pinholes of light peek through the leaves of the trees.

We’re tracking a cold front for Thursday on the Suncoast. This front will bring strong storms to the northern Gulf states this week. By the time it gets to us, the front will lose much of its energy. A few showers and storms are likely Thursday afternoon, but rain may be minimal. Lower humidity eases in Friday and for the weekend, but temps will hold in the 80s.


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