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Expedia Group Websites Subject to Outages


Many Expedia Group websites in the U.S. and other locations around the world were down Sunday afternoon Eastern Daylight Time.

Searches conducted from New York, Puerto Rico and Dubai, for example, found,, Vrbo, Travelocity, Orbitz, Wotif, and eBookers — all Expedia Group brands, with notices on their desktop websites that the sites were unavailable.

The outages were sporadic.

Vrbo,, Orbitz, Wotif and eBookers were down in India, but Expedia and Travelocity were up and running.

The outages began to be reported on social media at least as early as 2 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

The message advises users to try use the app, “which may be available when the site is not.”

Here are some of the messages we saw on Expedia Group websites:


The homepage stated: “Sorry! Our site is currently unavailable. We are working hard to fix the as soon as possible. In the meantime, try using our app; it may be available when the site is not.”



The Vrbo homepage stated: “Something went wrong on our end. We’re working to get things up and running soon. Check back shortly!”


Expedia has not replied to requests for comment.

Expedia Group last year completed a multiyear project to transition both and Vrbo onto the tech stack. No word yet if this is related to the outages.

SEO consultant Michael Cottam tweeted about the outages early Sunday afternoon: “Wow, a bad day for OTAs! Both Expedia AND websites are totally down, and with different errors. At least has a “down for maintenance” message.”

Not all of the Expedia Group websites appear to have been impacted. For example, appeared to be functioning.

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