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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KCTV) – QuikTrip and Casey’s beware- another fan-favorite gas station is looking to get in on a growing part of the KC metro.

Buc-ee’s is a supersized convenience store and gas station best known for its clean restrooms, large selection of food and merchandise, surplus of gas pumps and recognizable beaver mascot.

“The inside is like a small Target, honestly,” said Aleah McGehee. “They have décor, t-shirts, an amazing selection of candy, snacks, chips, gum, drinks, whatever you need when you’re on the road.”

Buc-ee’s breaks ground in Hillsboro
Buc-ee’s breaks ground in Hillsboro(KWTX)

The Texas-based chain just expanded to Missouri late last year, opening a location in Springfield in Dec. 2023.

Now, Kansas City has the potential to be Buc-ee’s first venture into Kansas.

On April 26, 2024, Buc-ee’s took the first step in acquiring land by filing a preliminary plat with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas

A preliminary plat is a document that a landowner must file with their city government if they want to divide their land into separate parcels. This ensures that all city regulations are being followed from the very beginning of a rezoning or development project.

Buc-ee’s preliminary plat asks the Unified Government for permission to rezone a 57-acre property just off I-70 from agricultural to commercial land.

“Buc-ee’s is just about the best gas station you can imagine,” said McGehee.

“Everyone that I know has been talking about it,” said Cody Hill. “It’s kind of like the word on the street.”

The land, which is owned by the Kansas Speedway, was appraised at $1.9 million this year, according to Wyandotte County property records.

If approved, Buc-ee’s would be required to file a final plat with the Unified Government.

The area near the Speedway has attracted considerable attention from developers over the last several years.

In March, a Mattel-themed amusement park was announced and is set to break ground later in 2025. The Chiefs and Royals have considered the area for their latest stadium relocation campaign, and a new Margaritaville Hotel is opening in 2025.

“I came from Jeff City. I think [adding a Buc-ee’s to Legends] would be amazing,” said Tavarius Richard. “I’d come just for that. I really would.”

KCTV5 reached out to Buc-ee’s and Wyandotte County for comment but has not yet heard back.

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