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Martinelli’s is sold at Kroger, Publix, more

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One lot of Martinelli’s apple juice is being recalled over concerns with high arsenic levels, the company announced.

Exposure to elevated levels of inorganic arsenic can pose health hazards to people including cancer, birth defects, diabetes and heart issues, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has reported.

Martinelli’s apple juice is sold at retailers including Kroger, Publix and Target, among others.

The voluntary recall comes after the State of Maryland found samples from one single lot of the juice, which is sold in one-liter bottles, tested above the guidance level for inorganic arsenic in the juice.

So far no illnesses have been reported as a result of the recall, the Watsonville, California-based company wrote in its announcement letter to grocery stores dated April 16.

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What apple juice has been recalled?

The following product is being recalled:

  • 1-liter (33.8-ounce) bottles with a best by date of March 9, 2026 or March 10, 2026. It was sent to stores from March 13, 2023 and Sept. 27, 2023, with most of it shipped before July 28, 2023.

Where is the apple juice sold?

Martinelli’s apple juice is sold at the following big-name retailers and more, according to the company’s website:

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How much arsenic is in the apple juice?

In June 2023, the FDA issued guidance lowering the industry action level for inorganic arsenic in apple juice from 23 parts per billion to 10 ppb, in line with the requirements for water.

The Maryland Department of Health reported test results for Martinelli’s March 2023 production lot at issue showed 11.6 ppb for inorganic arsenic −1.6 ppb higher than the industry action level set forth in the new FDA guidance established.

USA TODAY has reached out to Martinelli’s.

How do I get a refund for the recalled apple juice?

Buyers who purchased the affected product should immediately stop using it and throw it out.

Consumers with questions can call Martinelli’s at 1-800-662-1868.

Natalie Neysa Alund is a senior reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at and follow her on X @nataliealund.

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