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Artwork by Caroline Bromley-Gardner, via / CrossCountryApp.

Badminton beckons.

Last week we got down in the bluegrass and up to our eyeballs in Kentucky and next week we get to do it all again at the Great British spring 5* offering. Man I love the eventing season!

Next Thursday and Friday we’ll be dressaging ‘til we can’t dressage no more when almost 80 competitors take to the ring at the 75th edition of Badminton Horse Trials. And then Saturday – oh Saturday! – we get to go 5* cross country. If you just can’t wait to feast your eyes on the iconic fences adorning the Badminton Estate, you’re in luck because the course is set and ready for your perusal right here. As well as beautiful paintings of each fence, course designer Eric Winter and four-time winner Sir Mark Todd are on hand to take us through every question and conundrum the riders will be facing when they set out from the start box and take to the track. Sunday’s show jumping will determine who lifts the famous trophy as 2024 champion, and with a field stacked to the rafters with exciting talent – including Kentucky winner and live Grand Slam contender Oliver Townend, who brings forward last year’s runner-up and Burghley winner Ballaghmor Class, hoping to go one better this time around to take the triple crown and become the third rider ever to win the big one – it sure is going to be a thrilling competition from start to finish flags.

If you’re planning on watching all of the action live or on demand, you’ll need a Badminton TV subscription – find out how it works here.

And of course we’ll be here for All. Of. It. We’ve got live updates from every phase headed your way, daily round-up reports, our epic form guide, the ultimate guide to all things Badminton, and so much more. Keep it locked onto EN and get your eventing geek on.

MARS Badminton Horse Trials [Website] [Entries] [Timetable] [Tickets] [Radio Badminton] [Livestream] [Cross Country Course] [EN’s Coverage]

International Day of Note: It’s Harry Potter Day today, so wishing you wizardry in your horsey endeavors, plenty of Wingardium Leviosa-ing over whatever you’re jumping, and the power of the Accio charm to find all those shoes that have mysteriously disappeared to only your horse knows where. Solemnly swear you’re up to no good, and go eventing!

U.S. Weekend Preview

Riga Meadow at Coole Park Combined Test (Millbrook, NY) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Scoring]

Stable View Local Charities H.T. (Aiken, SC) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. (Tyler, TX) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

The Event at Skyline (Mount Pleasant, UT) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Waredaca H.T. (Laytonsville, MD) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Windridge Farm Spring H.T. (NC) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Scoring]

UK International Events

Osberton International I (Nottinghamshire) [Info / Schedule] [Entries / Scoring]

European FEI Events

Jardy Standard Show (France) [Info / Entries]

Pratoni del Vivaro Standard Show (Italy) [Info / Entries]

Sopot Standard Show (Poland) [Info / Entries]

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Thursday News and Reading

It’s USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Championship week. This exciting competition sees 150 entries from 18 schools split into 39 teams to contest the championship this weekend. Find out more and meet the teams here.

Want to walk the Badminton course with 2019 champion Piggy March? Of course you do! Well, here’s your chance to win a virtual course walk with Piggy where she’ll give you a rider’s view of the fences and insider insights into what we can expect come cross country day. It’s easy to enter – just like this post and follow @racesafeeq and @piggy.march, tagging a friend who you’d like to tag along. Entries close at 11:59pm BST / 6:59pm EST on Monday 6th May. Good luck!

And speaking of Badminton, this month’s Director’s Blog has dropped. Find out everything that’s going down – well, up – on the estate as they prepare for their special 75th anniversary edition.

Think you want to work for a horse trainer? If you’re dreaming of getting into the training world, the best place to start is working for a trainer who fits your goals as a horseman. And once you get the chance, make sure you’re ready to show up with a good attitude and a willingness to put in the work – a trainer’s time and talent is the biggest gift for someone who wants to learn. Here’s how to make sure you make the most of the opportunity.

Sitting trot – the pros make it look so smooth. If you feel like a sack of potatoes in the saddle with your hands seeming to have a mind of their own, you’re not alone. Luckily, USDF gold medal dressage rider Amelia Newcomb has some tips for us mortals who are keen to learn how to go with the flow.

Not so much reading as watching, but this interesting offering about the use of horses to support long-term healing for some of Australia’s most vulnerable young people from The Guardian is well worth a look. The communities in the Kimberley region of Western Australia are beset by suicide among young Aboriginal people. Professor Juli Coffin offers hope in the form of her herd of horses, using a culturally appropriate setting to support those in need through the connection between horse and human. Watch the video here.

Sponsor Corner:

Did you know Ecogold carries more than just saddle pads? Check out the full line of items you can pick up in this one-stop shop here.

Video Break

Treat yourself to Ros Canter’s exceptional cross country round with Lordship’s Graffalo at last year’s Badminton in today’s Video Break.

Second at Badminton on his 5* debut in 2022, when he finished on his dressage score of 26, ‘Walter’ came back the following year and led the competition from start to finish, proving that he’s good to go on any ground and showing that there are no chinks in his armor when it comes to the all-around event horse.

Walter won’t be at Badminton to defend his crown this year, but Ros is, with exciting young talent Izilot DHI, who won Pau last season on his debut at the level. Will she do the double? It’s all to play for!

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