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Flagstaff’s In-N-Out Opens With Fanfare, Burgers And Fries – KAFF News – Flagstaff

After a number of years, planning and replanning, rumors and finally construction, In-N-Out is finally a reality in Flagstaff along Milton Road. Customer Kenzie Cutrome says she’s happy the restaurant is finally open, but she can also understand some of the push back from some. She says “I’m excited personally, but I can understand the gripe that local residents may have with a big chain coming in that may steal jobs and customers away.” One of the biggest concerns with the store opening is traffic. Store manager Josh Vispi says they conceived multiple traffic plans to be ready for their opening and beyond. He says, “the police, the police chief and ADOT came down and helped us put the plans together so that way we can make sure it doesn’t affect anyone else and want to be good stewards and a good business owner and neighbors to our outside community. Wait times for food inside were about 15-20 minutes with the restaurant full of customers. If you want to eat outside on a snowy, chilly day, they have heaters and heat lamps built in to help keep you and your double-double warm. The store opens at 10:30 a.m.


KAFF News’ Makayla Richardson talked with store manager Josh Vispi and customer Kenzie Cutrome about In-N-Out’s opening day.  Click here to hear the interviews.

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