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Jason Kelce Lost His Super Bowl Ring in a Pool of Chili at ‘New Heights’ Event

  • Jason Kelce lost his Super Bowl ring in a pool of chili during a recent New Heights live event
  • The retired NFL star said it’s “probably in a landfill” somewhere in Cincinnati
  • His brother, Travis Kelce, joked that the chili pool “smelled so bad” in the arena

Jason Kelce’s Super Bowl ring is still missing after the retired NFL star put it in a pool of chili during a live fan event he hosted with his brother, Travis Kelce.

Jason, 36, and Travis, 34, held a sold-out live show at the University of Cincinnati on April 11 for fans of their New Heights podcast. The event included the Lombaby Games, a New Heights-themed tournament full of zany events inspired by the brothers, complete with a pool of chili.

On the most recent episode of the podcast, Jason said the idea for the chili pool game was for participants to dig through the chili to find replicas of his 2018 Super Bowl ring. “As you guys know, this game existed because I continually lose my Super Bowl ring,” Jason explained.

“And I don’t even know if Travis still knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event,” he revealed, adding, “They could not find it.”

According to Jason, “socks with some make-believe rings” were added to the pool of chili. “And then there’s actually only one real ring in there, which was my Super Bowl ring,” he told Travis on the show.

From Left: Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce in 2023.

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Jason said the New Heights team attempted to sift through the chili once more to find Jason’s ring the next day but had no luck. “We have still yet to find it,” the former Eagles player said.

He added, “All of this stuff has been thrown away, so I think we can safely assume that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill, someplace in the Cincinnati Tri-State area.”

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Jason said the “only thing” he could think of to explain what happened to the sock with his ring in it is that it “got kicked out of the way, and it made its way out of the pool and was thrown away in some shape or form.”

“But, yes, the Super Bowl ring is officially gone,” he shared, adding that he’s already flagged the incident to his insurance company. “We’ve already put the insurance claim in, which I think the insurance company might have some things to say about whether they’re gonna do that.”

Travis then chimed in, saying, “100%, they’re gonna have — especially if you’re gonna tell the entire world how you lost it.”

From Left: Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce in 2023.

The Chiefs tight end joked with listeners, “This is ridiculous. Kids, if you’re watching at home, do not do what Jason’s doing. Don’t do this.”

And to make matters a little sillier, Travis revealed just how gross the pool of chili that consumed Jason’s ring was during their live event. “It smelled so bad in that part of the arena,” he said on the episode. “It was disgusting. It was just this pungent odor.”

Despite the loss of Jason’s ring, the brothers said their live event was “amazing” and thanked all 13,000 fans who attended. “So electric,” Travis added of the event.

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