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Justin Hardee Sr. is embracing opportunity to play for his hometown team in the Browns

Over the years, he held on to the dream of playing for his hometown team during his career. It just came earlier than he originally anticipated.

“I knew I was going to eventually play for the Browns,” Hardee said. “I just didn’t know when. I thought it would have been later in my career, but I felt like God’s timing was perfect timing and he wanted it to come in the prime of my career. So, what’s better than to be playing for your hometown team in your prime rather than when you’re on the way out the league.”

Hardee toured the facility on Tuesday and met with Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Berry, head coach Kevin Stefanski, special teams coordinator Bubba Ventrone and other members of the Browns’ coaching staff. Hardee had a mutual connection with Ventrone from Hardee’s time with the Saints in former teammate Craig Robinson. They’ve also crossed paths along the way.

“I know Bubba has coached some pros in his past and Pro Bowlers in his past, isn’t as fast and I looked them in about a day and I said, ‘You’re gonna add Justin Hardee to that list.’ So excited man just to meet him, I love his energy,” Hardee said. “Coach (Kevin) Stefanski, you hear about stuff, but you don’t necessarily know the person until you actually meet the person. So just actually meeting these guys and actually putting the character to face and just seeing how they act, how they talk.”

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