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Lumana Emerges from Stealth, Unveils Its Hybrid Cloud and AI-Based Video Security System

LOS GATOS, Calif., April 3, 2024 — Lumana emerged from stealth with a next-generation video security platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed hybrid cloud architecture, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their visual data.

lumanaLumana’s technology empowers organizations to enhance security and safety measures, boost operational efficiency and streamline incident response. Capable of analyzing millions of hours of video in real-time across disparate locations, Lumana optimizes its proprietary AI models based on captured video to deliver meaningful insights and greater visibility of any environment.

With $24 million in seed funding from Norwest and S Capital, and a strong leadership team experienced in computer vision and machine learning, Lumana transforms any security camera into an AI-powered device capable of identifying complex events and potential risks as they occur. These capabilities position Lumana to take advantage of a rapidly growing video analytics market, which Forbes Business Insights projects will more than quadruple from over $8 billion this year to almost $38 billion by 2030.

“Visual AI enhances our ability to extract data and make smarter decisions. Historically, getting useful information from video has been time-consuming, cost-prohibitive and manual,” said Sagi Ben Moshe, founder and CEO of Lumana, who previously served as chief incubation officer and general manager of the Emerging Growth and Incubation Group at Intel following the acquisition of his 3D Imaging company in 2012. “Lumana democratizes visual intelligence, ensuring that organizations of any size — from school districts and cities to commercial businesses and even Fortune 500 companies — can access the latest and greatest AI technology to improve situational awareness and extract impactful insights. Our platform empowers every user with the ability to accurately analyze massive amounts of footage and concentrate on events that truly matter.”

AI + Distributed Hybrid Cloud Improves Detection Capabilities

Lumana’s platform is built on a distributed hybrid cloud architecture. This approach dynamically integrates cloud and on-premise resources to run computation where it is needed most, providing highly efficient AI processing and more accurate event detection capabilities. Self-learning AI models are deployed throughout the system, enabling Lumana to continuously get smarter, more accurate and more predictive based on the environment. Lumana’s enterprise-grade AI helps organizations instantly analyze vast amounts of video, accelerate response to specific activity and use advanced video search functionality to locate footage quickly.

“Lumana’s AI technology has the potential to fundamentally change the video surveillance market, which is poised to more than triple in the next decade,” said Norwest General Partner Dror Nahumi. “Enterprises will shift from many meaningless security cameras and video feeds to highly accurate, easy-to-investigate, real-time incident alerts. This will enable enterprises to proactively protect their environments, as well as extract meaning and data from their video to drive smarter business decisions. With strong backgrounds in computer vision and machine learning, it’s no surprise to us that Sagi and his team have created a visual intelligence platform that goes beyond even the most sophisticated video security systems on the market today.”

Lumana enables a wealth of functionality, including:

  • All-in-one video security – Lumana offers a complete video security platform that features an AI engine and video processor, modern video management software accessible through a web browser or mobile application, and security cameras. Lumana is also compatible with any camera, optimizing its performance and providing advanced AI capabilities.
  • Centralized management – Lumana allows organizations to manage an unlimited number of cameras and locations from a single pane of glass. Advanced user management and permissions, easy sharing capabilities, video playback, system health dashboards, alert monitoring and additional features are all remotely accessed through an intuitive web interface and mobile application.
  • Real-time, AI-driven alerts – Using natural language, Lumana enables customized alerts that are triggered in real time for fast incident response. Self-learning AI helps minimize false alarms and improve accuracy. Lumana supports granular alert capability, such as notifying users when a car break-in occurs, there is a potential threat on a school campus or even if someone is missing personal protective equipment (PPE) on a manufacturing line.
  • Smart search for fast investigations – Lumana provides advanced video search over millions of hours of video across locations to find specific footage in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need to manually review video. Users can select and layer multiple parameters to locate footage. If a user wants to investigate a vehicle theft, they can choose from highly specific personal features and vehicle attributes to pinpoint footage that matches the search criteria.
  • Customizable dashboards – Lumana provides actionable insights to improve visibility. Customizable dashboards enable organizations to visualize security, safety and operational trends at enterprise scale to make smarter decisions. Lumana allows organizations to see and monitor various activities, including the number of building security alerts, unauthorized access event occurrences, alert types by building or location, safety violations, near-miss accidents and threats detected, as well as people traffic and space utilization.

Lumana is ideally suited for applications across diverse sectors, including education, government, manufacturing, retail and hospitality.

The Lumana platform is currently being used by customers to analyze over a million data points every second, including people, vehicles, faces, object attributes and activities, and identify trends. With Lumana, customers receive alerts and relevant insights in less than a second, improving data analysis and incident response time by more than 15x compared to other video security systems.

The Lumana solution is now available globally. For more information, visit

About Lumana

Lumana is helping organizations unlock the value of their visual data with a next-generation video security platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed hybrid cloud architecture. Lumana’s all-in-one video security solution analyzes video in real time with near-human-like perception to provide unmatched visibility when critical events occur. Backed by Norwest and S Capital, Lumana is guided by an experienced leadership team with computer vision and machine learning expertise. Founded in 2021, Lumana is based in Los Gatos, Calif., with offices in Tel Aviv. For more information, visit

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