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Pringles and Crocs Collaborated on a New Shoe Collection

Crocs is on an absolute roll with its food-focused partnerships, and its latest collab announcement will surely make chip fans happy. 

On Thursday, the shoe company announced an all-new set of kicks with Pringles. And no, it’s not just slapping mustaches on everything, but rather, it’s making footwear that’s actually useful to everyone who can’t go a single step without their chips. 

In total, the two companies have come together to create three limited-edition Pringles-inspired designs along with a suite of Pringles-themed Jibbitz charms to help you fully deck out the look. The new drop includes the Pringles x Crocs Classic Crush Boot, made with the classic Pringles red and a stacked crisp heel, the boots also sport a “first-of-its-kind custom holster to store a grab-and-go Pringles can so fashionistas and snackers alike can carry their favorite crisps on their favorite shoes,” the companies explained in a joint statement. 

There’s also the Pringles x Crocs Classic Clogs, which come with a mustache strap. These shoes will be available in four mix-and-match colors, each meant to symbolize a fan-favorite Pringles flavor. And finally, there’s the Pringles x Crocs Classic Slides, which come in a retro black-and-white Mr. P design.

Pringles / Crocs

“This partnership seamlessly combines the flavor-packed world of Pringles with the iconic comfort DNA of Crocs,” Matias Infante, vice president of global brand partnerships and energy for Crocs, shared in the announcement. “We’re thrilled to partner with the team at Pringles to come up with new and innovative ways to ignite our communities and excite our fans.”

However, the shoes aren’t the only notable part of this announcement. The duo also shared that the first U.S. boot purchasers will receive the first-ever Crocs-inspired Pringles flavor, Pringles Croc-Tail Party, which they can add right to their bootstrap. 

“Pringles’ first footwear collaboration delivers on what both of our brands do best, bringing ingenuity to fashion and flavor,” Mauricio Jenkins, U.S. marketing lead for Pringles, said. “We brought the flavor of this vibrant partnership to life — literally, with Pringles Croc-Tail Party — and with a collection that allows fans to express their taste in snacks and fashion.”

Fans can purchase the limited-edition Pringles x Crocs collection at starting Tuesday, April 16, at 12:00 p.m. ET, starting at $20. While the shoes will be available globally, the chips will only be available in the U.S. and while supplies last, so act quickly if you want to give them a try. 

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