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Summary: Juarez 0-1 Tijuana in Liga MX | 04/15/2024

12:01 AM3 hours ago

Xolos beats Juárez as a visitor to break the malaria of 14 days without adding three.

12:00 AM3 hours ago

Good defensive sweep, to get the ball away from Rodríguez.

11:58 PM3 hours ago

Barbosa and Godínez enter for Blanco and Contreras.

11:57 PM3 hours ago

Xolos dominates the match, the goal made the visitors go ahead.

11:55 PM3 hours ago

Domingo reached the local goal, but the defense was opportunely swept to prevent a new shot.

11:54 PM3 hours ago

Long ball to the local goal, Zúñiga appeared inside the area to send a powerful shot and open the scoring.

11:51 PM3 hours ago

Juárez insists, but Rodríguez’s good timing prevents the ball from entering his goal.

11:48 PM3 hours ago

Center by Da Silva, Santos appears in the center, but he is unable to give the ball a good direction.

11:45 PM3 hours ago

Armenta and Álvarez leave for Corona and Rodríguez.

11:42 PM3 hours ago

Santos and Bouquet enter through Zaldívar and Villalpando.

11:42 PM3 hours ago

Orquín crosses, but the ball is cleared by the defense.

11:39 PM3 hours ago

Carlos González leaves for José Zúñiga

11:38 PM3 hours ago

Great start by Rodríguez, the goalkeeper prevented Avilés’ shot from entering his goal.

11:36 PM3 hours ago

Avilés arrived with danger, but Blanco swept correctly and avoided the center.

11:36 PM3 hours ago

Castro crosses into the visiting area, however Rodríguez intervenes well on the ball.

11:35 PM3 hours ago

Juárez remains on top of the Tijuana team, gradually generating danger, but without opening the scoring.

11:32 PM3 hours ago

Rodríguez is the one who has had the most danger in his goal, however the visiting goalkeeper avoids the attacks.

11:29 PM3 hours ago

Avilés Hurtado enters for Aitor García.

11:27 PM3 hours ago

Little by little the locals begin to go to the front, but Xolos prevents any arrival.

11:24 PM3 hours ago

Castro seeks to go to the front, however Xolaje avoids the attacks.

11:20 PM3 hours ago

The teams have achieved little in the rival goals, the goalkeepers have not seen real danger.

11:20 PM3 hours ago

González crosses the goal, but the ball goes out of bounds, a very long shot.

11:17 PM3 hours ago

Aitor García’s shot at Rodríguez’s goal, but the ball goes wide.

11:17 PM3 hours ago

Xolos stays back, preventing danger from being generated in his area.

11:13 PM3 hours ago

Zaldívar tried to reach the area with danger, but Xolos’ defense prevented the play from growing.

11:10 PM3 hours ago

The match resumes, both teams looking for the first of the night.

10:57 PM4 hours ago

The first part of this match was forgettable, very little to talk about these teams that have not managed to generate anything that really hurts the rival goal.

10:53 PM4 hours ago

The first half is over, very little to talk about in the first half, little damage and little generation of plays.

10:52 PM4 hours ago

González was looking for Jurado’s goal, but his shot did not even reach the area.

10:50 PM4 hours ago

Zaldívar’s left foot, but the ball is deflected by Rodríguez.

10:47 PM4 hours ago

Dangerous play by Juarez, but Ramos ended up offside.

10:47 PM4 hours ago

Ramos looks for the first, but Balanta at the back prevents the onslaught.

10:43 PM4 hours ago

Few plays in the goals, they fail to generate danger inside the area.

10:40 PM4 hours ago

Close service to Rodriguez’s goal, the goalkeeper keeps the ball without problems.

10:40 PM4 hours ago

Juárez looked for the first, but the Tijuana defense deflected the ball.

10:37 PM4 hours ago

Rivera’s shot on goal, but the ball ends up going wide.

10:35 PM4 hours ago

A cross looking for Balanta, but Orquín ends up rejecting the ball.

10:35 PM4 hours ago

Zaldívar has generated little up front for Juárez.

10:32 PM4 hours ago

The goalkeepers have not had much work to do, they have not been able to generate much.

10:32 PM4 hours ago

Few emotions in these first minutes, despite both teams looking for the goal, they fail to generate danger.

10:31 PM4 hours ago

Garcia tried to open the scoring with a shot on goal, but the defense deflected the ball away.

10:24 PM4 hours ago

Rivera’s powerful shot on goal, but the ball crashes into the defense.

10:23 PM4 hours ago

A back-and-forth match, but possession of the ball is in the midfield.

10:20 PM4 hours ago

Gonzalez arrived dangerously in the area, but the ball ended up going wide.

10:18 PM4 hours ago

Xolos looked to generate danger up front, but the home team took the ball away from them in the midfield.

10:18 PM4 hours ago

Very little arrival of both squads, however both go all out in front.

10:13 PM4 hours ago

Juárez looks to create dangerous plays, but the home team cannot get close to Rodríguez’s goal.

10:10 PM4 hours ago

Good save by Jurado, preventing Blanco’s shot from reaching the goal.

10:10 PM4 hours ago

The game started very calmly, the ball passed from goal to goal without doing any damage.

10:07 PM4 hours ago

The ball is rolling in Juárez, both teams will be looking for the three points.

9:57 PM5 hours ago

Mejía, Gómez, Fernández, Balanta; Armenta, Álvarez, Contreras, Rivera, Blanco; González.

9:57 PM5 hours ago

Jurado; Orquin, Campillo, Mosquera, Calvo; Fernando, Villalpando, Castro, García, Venegas; Zaldívar.

9:57 PM5 hours ago

The Juarez squad is already at the stadium and will be looking for a great game and an important victory.

9:52 PM5 hours ago

Xolos has already arrived at the Olímpico Benito Juárez, the visitors arrive with the complex task of winning their first match.

9:47 PM5 hours ago

Aitor García is the player Xolos needs to pay close attention to. The striker has 4 goals and will be looking to increase that number in this match and generate damage up front.

9:42 PM5 hours ago

Captain Christian Rivera is the player to watch in this match for Xolos, the defender is the one who has scored the most goals and is a different player, who looks to create dangerous plays, so Juárez has to pay a lot of attention here.

9:37 PM5 hours ago

Both teams are in the fight to avoid being in the last places of the percentage, Xolos in last place and FC Juárez one before, they will be looking for a victory to get out of the last place.

9:32 PM5 hours ago

Xolos has accumulated only 17 goals for and 25 against in the current Clausura 2024, the visiting team is going all out to make it three and increase its goals scored.

9:27 PM5 hours ago

Despite having only 24 goals in favor of the team from the border and 24 against, Juárez will go all out to achieve another victory in their favor.

9:22 PM5 hours ago

Despite the many changes, Xolos is in second to last place in the table with only eight points, and Herrera’s team will go all out to make it three points for the first time.

9:17 PM5 hours ago

Juárez currently has 12 points and is in 15th place in the general table, the local team will be looking to go all out to score one more victory.

9:12 PM5 hours ago

The locals have won three consecutive victories, numbers that they will be looking to increase to continue climbing positions.

9:07 PM5 hours ago

Xolos will be looking for their first victory; the Tijuana team has not been able to make it three wins out of three, only ties and defeats in the last 14 games.

9:02 PM6 hours ago

We’re back for minute-by-minute coverage of Juárez vs Xolos. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information, as well as the confirmed lineups.

8:57 PM6 hours ago

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups of FC Juárez vs Tijuana live, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium. Don’t miss any details of the match with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

8:37 PM6 hours ago

Rodríguez; Rivera, Díaz, Balanta, Mejía; Contreras, Castañeda; Álvarez, Titi Rodríguez, Domingo Blanco; Carlos González

8:32 PM6 hours ago

Diaz; Campillo, Calvo, Ortega, Orquín; Venegas, Castro; Aitor García, Villalpando, da Silva; Zaldivar

8:17 PM6 hours ago

The FC Juárez vs Tijuana match will be played at the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. The property has a capacity for 30,445 people.

8:12 PM6 hours ago

Welcome to the live broadcast of the FC Juárez vs Tijuana match, corresponding to Matchday 14 of Clausura 2024 of the MX League. The match will take place at the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium at 10:00 p.m.

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