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‘Was a Bunny in His Past Life’: Track and Field World Shocked by Man’s Scissor Hurdle During Long Jump

The realm of track and field constantly bears witness to athletes surpassing the limits of human potential. These track stars not only push boundaries but also deliver moments that leave spectators spellbound, questioning the reality of what transpired before their eyes. One such awe-inspiring occurrence recently captured the attention of the entire track and field community.

A viral video sweeping across the digital landscape has thrust a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the Men’s high jump event into the limelight. But what extraordinary feat performed by this Qatari high jumper ignited such a firestorm of fame from a single performance?

Qatari high jump sensation is defying gravity with his moves


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To share his impressive performance with his spectators, Mutaz Essa Barshim took it to his official Instagram account and posted the glimpse of the moves. Alongside the video, he penned, “@mutaz.barshim and his Scissors at 2.16m👐👑 #whatgravity #athletics #trackandfield #mutazbarshim #highjump @mutaz.barshim @mutaz.barshim @mutaz.barshim

Mutaz Essa Barshim is a Qatari high jumper known worldwide for his incredible feats in the air. Being synonymous with soaring heights and gravity-defying jumps, Barshim features a long list of achievements. But, it was during a routine long jump training session that he left everyone stunned with a move that seemed straight out of a gymnast’s playbook.


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As he reached the board, he burst of speed and launched himself into the air. But instead of executing a traditional high jump technique, he performed what can only be described as a scissor hurdle. As he gracefully maneuvered his body, crossing his legs and clearing the hurdle, social media erupted with the videos of his  feat.

Track and field athlete, Barshim sparking social media debate

As the fans and fellow athletes alike watched Barshim with admiration and astonishment, they were urged to take it to the comment section to pen down their views. Many liked his move, others marveled at the sheer athleticism and agility to pull it off. While appraising the feat, adrian.wash penned, “I just don’t understand how he jumps from so far away and still gets so far into the pit“. Amidst the commentators appraising Barshim, andypandy7368 hilariously said, “One time I tried that and now I can’t have kids“.


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Another fan added, “Was a Bunny in His Past Life”. As the track and field world continues to buzz with excitement, one thing is abundantly clear: Mutaz Essa Barshim is not a mere high jumper; he is a force that needs to be reckoned with, capable of rewriting the rules of the game. As the 2024 Paris Olympics is only 106 days to go, now the question is: Will Barshim be able to qualify for the grand stage?

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