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What is THC soda or seltzer? Cincinnati brewery is selling it

NORTHSIDE, Ohio (WKRC) – THC drinks became a popular trend all over the country, and local breweries wanted to get in on the action, providing a cannabis option for its customers.

The beer experts at Northside’s Urban Artifact created a new brand of THC infused sodas called Coastalo.

“There hasn’t really been much in Ohio until about 8 months ago,” said Scotty Hunter, the Urban Artifact co-owner. “The distributor that we work with has been at the forefront of this category in a number of other states, and that’s what kind of peaked our interest.”

They have three flavors: cherry cola, grape soda and red cream soda.

“They’re brewed with real fruit and that’s the piece we think is a big difference from the other folks that are out there,” said Scott Hand, the other co-owner.

Each can has 5 mg of hemp-derived THC. The sodas don’t have any alcohol and are made with Delta-9.

The legal sale of recreational marijuana in Ohio hasn’t started yet, but these are legal to sell.

“It all starts from the 2018 Farm Bill which allowed hemp to be legalized federally and then as long as there’s less than .3% of THC by weight it is legal,” said Hunter.

He said a can of Coastalo equates to one to two alcoholic drinks in terms of intoxication, and will have a similar feeling to partaking in any other THC product.

“The big difference is that because of the process of that extraction and then it’s already in a beverage it actually hits you quicker so usually 10 to 15 minutes is when you’ll start to feel the sensation of that THC,” said Hunter.

They sell these cans online and in their taproom in Northside. They have also gone out to distributors, so people may be able to find them in a liquor store by them.

A 4-pack of the Coastalo soda is $14.99.

The owners said if you drink one of the sodas it will come up on a drug test.

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