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Edgar Berlanga Calls David Morrell “Soft,” Promising Confrontation

Edgar Berlanga says WBA ‘regular’ super middleweight champion David Morrell is “soft” and that he would tell him if he sees him.

Fans see Berlanga’s comments as interesting, given that he chose not to challenge Morrell (10-0, 9 KOs) for his title after defeating Padraig McCrory to become his WBA mandatory challenger.

It was a bad look on Berlanga’s part not to challenge Morrell for his title. Fans feel Berlanga straight-up ducked Morrell and is just looking for the Canelo Alvarez cash.

“He’s soft and I’ll tell him to his face,” said Edgar Berlanga to Thaboxingvoice about David Morrell. “In my last last fight, I seen a video where he was talking some mess about how he was going to knock me out, but f*** [Morrell].”

Fans Call BS on Berlanga’s Bravado

Most people believe the Cuban talent Morrell would easily beat Berlanga, stopping him within four rounds. The 26-year-old Berlanga’s resume is weak, filled with low-level opposition from top to bottom.

His former promoters at Top Rank started Berlanga’s career by matching him against 16 mediocre opponents, whom he steamrolled, scoring first-round knockouts to create fake hype about his career.

Berlanga says he wasn’t interested in fighting Morrell because he can’t sell tickets and is not well known. The Matchroom-promoted Brooklyn, New York native, Berlanga (22-0, 17 KOs) is more interested in chasing the money fights against Canelo Alvarez.

If Morrell ditches his WBA 168-lb title, which he’s expected to do, Berlanga will slide into the mandatory for Canelo’s title with that organization. Berlanga could be Canelo’s opponent for this September and he’ll make big bucks from that fight without ever having fought one decent opponent during his career.

Berlanga’s Highlight Reel

  • Padraig McCrory
  • Jason Quigley
  • Roamer Alexis Angulo
  • Demond Nicholson
  • Marcelo Esteban Coceres
  • Steve Rolls

Boxing Fans Demand a REAL Challenge

Ideally, His Excellency Turki Alalshikh will insist on Berlanga fighting Morrell to get to the Canelo fight because that would create an elimination-type situation, which would make it more interesting.

Of course, Canelo likely wouldn’t agree to fight Morrell because he’s like a better version of David Benavidez, but it would be good to have Berlanga actually earn the fight against the Mexican superstar rather than having it given to him based on his popularity in Brooklyn, New York.

Fans will roast Canelo if he fights Berlanga rather than one of the good fighters, like Benavidez or Morrell.

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