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LEGO City Summer 2024 Sets Revealed

LEGO City Robot World 60421

German retailer Lucky Bricks has revealed a slew of the LEGO City summer 2024 sets. The subtheme for this year is Jungle Explorer and the return of Johnny Thunder but my eye is gravitating towards the LEGO Delivery Truck and that Robot World a lot like the Exo-Force Stealth Hunter (7700).

Baby Gorilla Encounter (30665)

LEGO City Baby Gorilla Encounter 30665

Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus (60407)

LEGO City Double Decker Sightseeing Bus 60407

Car Transporter (60408)

LEGO City Car Transporter 60408

Mobile Construction Crane (60409)

LEGO City Mobile Construction Crane 60409

Construction Excavator (60420)

LEGO City Construction Excavator 60420

Robot World (60421)

LEGO City Robot World 60421

Harbour (60422)

LEGO City Harbour 60422

Jungle Explorer ATV (60424)

LEGO City Jungle Explorer ATV 60424

Jungle Explorer Water Plane (60425)

LEGO City Jungle Explorer Water Plane 60425

Jungle Explorer Truck (60426)

LEGO City Jungle Explorer Truck 60426

Tow Truck (60435)

LEGO City Tow Truck 60435

Jungle Explorer Helicopter (60437)

LEGO City Jungle Explorer Helicopter 60437

LEGO Delivery Truck (60440)

LEGO City LEGO Delivery Truck 60440

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