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Gervonta Davis promises harsh reality for Frank Martin on June 15

There’s perhaps no better time to announce a fight than piggybacking on another major event, and today the opening press conference for Gervonta Davis vs Frank Martin was held to discuss their June 15 fight. The card will also bolstered with chief support from David Benavidez, who will appear in a light heavyweight bout against Oleksandr Gvozdyk.

Both Benavidez and Gvozdyk were plenty respectful in their words about one another, but Gervonta Davis was less respectful towards Frank Martin as he made put repeated emphasis on this being his show (which carried over into the post press conference media interviews).

“He’s a front runner,” Davis said. “He put on for the people that he come with here, because they think they’re ‘thugs’ and sh-t like that but I’m telling you, it’s a different beast in front of him.

“Nobody that’s walking with him, holding him hand-in-hand is not going to be able to save him June 15th. I’m telling you. And it’s a lot of sh-t built up, a lot built up, and I’m going to take it out on him. Sorry it’s going to be him.”

Frank Martin would get his chance at the microphone and offered these words on how he expects to deal with Davis.

“I’ve been watching everything,” Martin said. “I know how his ass walk, I been watching everything. When we get in there I’m going to touch him up, I’m going to touch his ass up. I know how him and his whole team walk.”

After another exchange of words between the fighters, Davis would continue to goad Martin even more.

“He’s from the suburbs,” Davis would say. “Me and him don’t got nothing in common, but the lil’ female he got. She probably around here somewhere. I’ll catch up with her.”

Martin would lean back away from the microphone in an attempt to address Davis directly, but Davis was too please with himself in the moment to pay it any attention.

Check out the full opening press conference in the video link at the top.

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